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To help you get around the most stubborn of issues and grow as a business. Using Google Cloud, you can use its infrastructure and tools as your own. Making your Innovations your own.


We go the extra mile to ensure that our pricing saves you time and optimizes your spend.

Google Cloud Platform is 60% less expensive for compute than other clouds for many workloads, with £0 paid upfront. Google Compute Engine has even dropped prices 3 times in 3 years

Google Cloud Platform takes pay-as-you-go pricing to the extreme, with industry leading innovations like per-second billing and automatic discounts with sustained usage. Custom Machine Types can save you up to 50% by matching the machine you want for your workload, eliminating over-provisioning to fit a vendor’s rate card. Other providers force you to pay by the hour for a job you only run for minutes or force you to buy 32 GB when you only need 20 GB, which adds unnecessary costs to your bill. Pay-as-you-go pricing amounts to real savings.

The second you turn off services is the second you stop paying for that service.1 Unlike traditional hosting solutions, we don’t rely on long-term contracts to keep our customers. Customers have many reasons to continue to use GCP including our competitive pricing, automatic usage discounts, best-in-class performance, innovative solutions, and strong security principles and practices. We’re confident that we can earn your business without prepaid lock-in.

Cloud computing

Google Cloud can help to build and scale your work because of its planet-scale computing on one of the world’s largest and fastest private networks.

Compute Engine

App Engine

Kubernetes Engine

Cloud Functions

Shielded VMs

Container Security

Analytics and machine learning

With Google Cloud you can use the powerful analytics and machine learning tools you can make big data work for you.


Cloud Dataflow

Cloud Dataproc

Cloud TPU

Cloud Translation

Cloud Video Intelligence

Identity and security

Protect user identities and help meet your policy, regulatory, and business objectives with security solutions from Google Cloud.

Cloud IAM

Cloud Identity for Customers and Partners

Cloud Key Management Service

Resource Manager

Titan Security Key

Access Transparency

Professional services

Get the most out of Google Cloud with the help of our professional services team. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, we have the expert assistance you need.


Technical Account Management

Advanced Solutions Lab




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